About us

At Badge, we believe that you should own your identity.

Badge is a unified authentication software company founded by a team of experienced, field-tested MIT crypto PhDs, in the field of user authentication and identity management. Badge technology is a new cryptographic technology leveraging lattice-based cryptography that aims to solve the decades-old problem of how to store any person’s cryptographic keys in a cheap and scalable manner. By enabling a person to own their keys, a person can own their identity, and not rely on any company or government to protect their data.

What we do…

Unified Identification

Badge’s patented technology acts as a single unified digital ID, bound to the user’s biometrics, that may be used by an arbitrary number of services.  This “identity sharing” mechanism dramatically streamlines user experience and reduces cost, with prioritized applications in Cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Enterprise, Consumer, IoT.


Badge leverages recent breakthroughs in lattice-based cryptography to build innovative technologies in the field of authentication, identity, and access management. Badge’s technology is patent pending, has been vetted at the highest levels in the financial services and fintech industries, and select innovations have been published and featured in IEEE.



All previous biometric technologies require the storage of a secret “biometric template” for comparison during user authentication. Our technology for the first time does not require the secret storage of such a template. By eliminating the secrets in the biometric authentication process, our technology enables universal authentication with biometrics.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Our biometric extractor naturally fits into the blockchain ecosystem as key storage. Badge technology enables an excellent user experience while simultaneously providing the highest security for a user’s private keys.


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